Embodiment Philosophy

What is embodiment?

Exploring the meaning of embodiment in philosophy, therapy and practice

Embodiment and therapy

What is embodiment?

Embodiment has multiple meanings. It is an intriguing subject that spans many fields. At its core, embodiment is about the relationship between the body and experience.

Embodiment and philosophy

Embodiment in philosophy

Embodiment in philosophy is often associated with a field of cognitive science called embodied cognition. The focus in this context is less on health and healing, and more on how our minds and our bodies are always entwined.

Embodiment feeling emotion

Embodiment and feeling

In recent years a great deal of academic research and many popular science books have addressed the subjects of consciousness, emotion and feeling. Embodiment has become a major theme in fields such as cognitive science and neuroscience.

My Book

An interdisciplinary theory of nature, consciousness and feeling

Taking Heart and Making Sense: A New View of Nature, Feeling and the Body

Is feeling a phenomenon of the body or the brain? What do animals feel? How do living systems become conscious? Taking Heart and Making Sense takes on these and many more questions about the natural world and human experience, helping us to understand our feelings and emotions, and our sense of meaning in life.

Embodiment philosophy
Karin Lindgaard embodiment philosopher

Dr Karin Lindgaard

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